Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas to All

Just thought I'd write and tell you all the news about Sonny's trip to Cleveland Clinic. First when we got there, we found that we had a Christian doctor, one who had a testimony and was not afraid to give it. Praise the Lord!! Anyway, he went through all of Sonny's history and records then gave his opinion. He feels that Sonny should not have had the 4 stints placed in February of this year but would rather have seen him have a bypass/graft done. He says the stints are very large and just about cover the entire artery. However, they are open and have healed well and for the moment he feels that they are okay. There is one small artery at the back of the heart that needs to be opened, but he thinks it is okay for now. We both feel some relief because he gave us hope for the future that if anymore needs to be done, it can be done. The others told us nothing more could be done for his condition. Anyhow, we praise the Lord for the good news.

We are ready for Christmas, and will be coming to Michigan on Christmas day. Can't wait to get there. Hope to be able to see some of our friends. Judy

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urhis said...

What good news to receive for Christmas. This is so encouraging. We trust your trip will be a safe one. Merry Christmas.